About Alice

Alice is here to help entrepreneurs grow companies, save time and make money by recommending the right resources at the right time. Think of her as your best friend who knows everything and an intelligent business advisor all-in-one.


How Alice Works

Alice provides entrepreneurs with a customized road map through the startup landscape, recommending resources, like opportunities, events, tools, networks and advice, based on your individual profile. As she learns more about you, she gets smarter in personalizing which content she thinks will be most helpful to you and your business. You can search for answers to your toughest business questions at any time of day and from anywhere in the world.


Alice’s History

Alice started with a conversation, in a tent, on top of a mountain, when Alice’s founders, Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, were discussing the social and economic opportunity that women present to the world. During that conversation, both women made a commitment to each other, and entrepreneurs everywhere, to do their part to solve the big problems of the world by integrating more women into the startup ecosystem, regardless of who they are or where they came from.

As its first program, Alice launched the Circular Board accelerator in January 2016, as the world’s first 100% virtual accelerator. It became the fastest growing accelerator for women, according to Fast Company, and, to date, has served nearly 300 women on six continents, who have collectively raised over $35 million USD. Companies include a solar bike manufacturer in London, a chain of senior healthcare facilities in Mongolia, a breast milk bank in Nevada and wearable technology in the heart of San Francisco.

Today, Alice uses technological innovation to connect thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, from those at the center of technology hubs to rural farmers, with the programs, people and opportunities they need to succeed.  With support from visionaries like you, and partnerships with government institutions, Fortune 100 companies, startup organizations and industry leaders, we are building the largest digital map of entrepreneurial resources to help all founders build the businesses that will change the world.