Feature image: Small business owners pose at Hello Alice's Circular Summit 2018.

In a recent letter from our co-founders, Hello Alice reaffirmed its commitment to Black business owners. Now we're here to tell you about one of the easiest and most effective ways to step up: opening your pocketbook.

Recent events only underscore the urgency of this financial support. Hello Alice was founded three year ago to ensure that the New Majority receives the same kind of resources and funding as anyone else. The reality is that starting and growing a small business in the United States has always been more difficult for Black founders; even today, in 2020, they lack access to business capital and suffer the effects of a persistent racial wealth gap.

The pandemic will only deepen this divide. According to data from our COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grant program, difficulty accessing capital is the biggest challenge facing Black business owners other than reduced sales. Another recent report found that the number of working black business owners plummeted by as much as 40% over the last few months — roughly double the rate experienced across all racial groups.

As one part of the solution, Hello Alice urges all companies and individuals to support Black-owned businesses in their community. Below, we are compiling a list of national and local directories to help you plan your spending. Take this opportunity to uplift and support these businesses with your dollars and platforms.

We want to make this list as useful as possible. Are we missing something? Let us know by submitting through this form.