In this blog series, we’ll hear Team Alice members share their areas of expertise that can help you with your business.

From informing users about your latest gadget to sharing advice on your field of business, blogging is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. And Alice Levitt just does that.

Levitt joined Hello Alice as editorial strategist in 2019, building and leading the editorial team in writing content for the platform and blog. She's the author of a book, and has won awards for her longer-form writing, but she credits her growth as a blogger with writing frequent posts.

“At my last position, as dining editor at Houstonia magazine, I had to have at least 10 posts on the blog every week,” says Levitt. This frequent content not only enables writers like Levitt to grow in their field, but it also grows businesses too. “Good content can make or break a business,” Levitt says, “Having regular content that brings readers to your website can make for devoted fans of your product or service.”

Whether it's social media, videos, or blogs, business owners should ensure that their content is something that audiences can take away from. “Make sure that your readers are learning something new every time they check your blog.” Levitt suggests, “That means posting regularly, but also making sure that you have something important to say each time that you do.

For those interested in the writing field, or building a stellar blog for their business, Levitt also recommends developing the skill of interviewing. “As a shy person, it was a skill I really had to learn, but once you learn to do it, it will help you in many aspects of your life,” Levitt explains.

Among the perks that blogs have for businesses, blogging enables Levitt to shed light on inspiring entrepreneurs at Hello Alice: “I love helping to tell the stories of interesting business owners and showing other founders how they, too, can succeed.”

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