In this blog series, we’ll hear Team Alice members share their areas of expertise that can you help with your business.

Social media is a powerful tool for any business. While social media is used to connect with friends and share your day-to-day life, it also provides businesses with a platform to communicate with customers, new and old.

But how can founders start utilizing social media for their businesses? Hello Alice’s engagement editor Nicki Koetting recommends to simply start posting. “Social media is one of those things where you really learn by doing it yourself,” says Koetting.

Along with writing blogs, guides, and newsletters for Hello Alice, Koetting also manages the platform’s social presence. She studied journalism in college and worked as an editor for various publications, but Koetting shares she learned social media management on the job. “I arguably learned the most about managing everything web and social media when I worked as the digital editor of a local magazine for three years,” Koetting explains.

Businesses, too, can learn to leverage their social media game by learning as they post — no degree required. All you need is a closer eye on the metrics of your posts. “Your followers will tell you what they want to see more of by liking, commenting, and sharing,” says Koetting. “And an engagement tool will help you further analyze what you're doing so that you and your business can do better.”

Engagement tools such as Sprout Social and Hubspot measure likes, comments, and shares from your social media content, providing you data on how customers interact with your posts. Plus it can give you direction on your social media strategy. “Invest in a tool that makes it easy to schedule your social media posts and analyze your brand's engagement on social,” Koetting shares. “If you want to see how many followers you have at any given time on your website and how they got there, Google Analytics is the way to go.”

Outside of work, Koetting performs stand-up comedy as part of Houston’s vibrant open mic and theater scene, enabling her to tell stories. And social media provides a vehicle for businesses to do just that. “I love spreading the news about the amazing content and resources my colleagues and I write and put together,” Koetting says. “I love knowing that I'm helping to get the word out about Hello Alice's resources for small business owners, especially women, minorities, and other historically underrepresented business owners, even if it's in a tiny way like tweeting or posting on Facebook or writing our newsletter.”

And while social media provides founders with the tools to increase brand awareness and communicate with followers, it also provides the space to share stories, helping businesses create a more meaningful connection with customers.