These days, small business owners are looking for the best information on how to survive and thrive during COVID-19. You can spend hours sifting through YouTube videos, or you check out go-to sources like Verizon's small business webinars.

The ongoing series features relevant topics with tips on finding new customers, adopting new technology, securing alternative funding, and, in an upcoming June 30 session, sustaining your business with a “bold promise.”

Hello Alice President and Chairwoman Elizabeth Gore joined a recent session titled “Roadmap to Success for the New Small Business Majority.” In conversation with Ramon Ray of Smart Hustle Media, she walked through solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing small business owners today.

First, the pair addressed the elephant in the room: COVID-19. This public crisis has led to small business catastrophe, with different effects for owners based on their location and industry. Innovation and adaptability will be important traits across the small business ecosystem going forward.

"There is a completely new normal, so you have to relook at your landscape," Gore said. "How are customers going to purchase your products? Is it the right time to re-open? Are you fully digitally enabled? Right now you have to erase that whiteboard and look at your business plan."

Other key advice includes conserving your cash, revisiting your business strategy, and consulting the vast expertise of the 140,000+ owners in the Hello Alice Business for All Community.

More than anything else, Gore emphasized that this is a time to make hard decisions. Chances are, it's the right thing to do.

“Decisions right now that may feel like a failure — pausing my business, furloughing employees, going out for the first time and getting a business loan — that’s not failure, that's being a smart business person,” Gore explained. “Sometimes you need to hear that from another business person so you're not in isolation.”

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