In addition to being a data intern at Alice, Nelson Leiva is an active member of the U.S. Coast Guard. A Los Angeles native, Leiva joined the Coast Guard in 2015 and received his bachelor’s degree in information technology from American Military University. In honor of Veterans Day, we asked him a few questions about his experience and how his tenure in the military has prepared him for success in the civilian world.

Why did you join the Coast Guard?

I joined the Coast Guard to be a part of an organization that is greater than myself, to provide a service to our country, and of course to gain a sense of being part of a community who have a common goal of public service.

What do you like about working at Alice?

Working at Alice has allowed me to see the sorts of resources that are available to anyone who is wanting to start a business or even just has an idea. It has allowed me to see the categories of underrepresented people in our country and gave me an eye to see that they too can succeed in the area of entrepreneurship.

What are skills that you learned in the Coast Guard that translate to your job at Alice or in everyday life?

The main skills that have transitioned over from the Coast Guard are my ability to work under pressure and work in a team environment, and also being able to multitask, being able to be flexible, and critical thinking. My other technical skills have been self-taught by completing my degree while serving.

Alice thanks all current and former U.S. military members for their service to our country.